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Welcome to our 4th Grade Classroom website! I am excited to be joining Tomball Elementary's amazing 4th Grade team this year. Please feel free to look around and subscribe to our website. 
Water Bottles - Students are given the opportunity to have a water bottle in class as needed, as well as for after physical activity such as recess or PE. Please send a flip top reusable water bottle with your child's name on it for in class use.

 Schedule and more information coming soon! 

Recent Posts

Week of December 4, 2017

Happy holidays, fourth grade fam!
We still have three weeks filled with great learning before taking a break to enjoy some time off with our families!
Please be on the lookout this week for a letter coming home about the Christmas party!  We need your help!! 
Here's what this week looks like for #RagansRockstars: 
  • Continuation of drama - structural elements and how they help the reader, utilizing the structural elements to make inferences and draw conclusions about characters and events in the text
  • Flexible small groups for drama will begin this week based on last Friday's checkpoint. Next Wednesday will be the drama unit assessment for a major reading grade
  • Writers are editing and publishing their essays this week.  Each step of the writing process has been modeled and performed through shared writing. 
  • Revising and editing small group instruction. Students rotate in small groups to receive this instruction. When they are not with me, they have a list of responsibilities (we call it a Punch List) they are working through over the course of several days.
  • Words containing the diphthong ow. Examples: brow, gown, bow, stow 
  • No editing test this week. 
Social Studies: 
  • Students are continuing to dive into their learning about Native Americans in Texas.  They are using articles from Social Studies Weekly to analyze data related to where the tribes were located and will turn this in at the end of the week.
Please email with any questions, concerns, or celebrations!
In love with kids, 
Miss Ragan 

Week of November 27, 2017

Good evening, fabulous fourth grade families!
I hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving!  Can you believe we only have four weeks of school until Thanksgiving?! 
Here's what's happening this week in learning...
- Introduction to the structural elements of a drama and how they help us as readers
- Continuation of read aloud The Tiger Rising to support comprehension and vocabulary development 
- Revising expository writing - this will be modeled and students will work through a checklist to help them revise their essay 
- Revising within the STAAR format - small instruction on strategies for revising passages with a focus on identifying the author's central idea 
- This week's pattern consists of contractions (example: can't, don't, shouldn't)
- Spelling test Friday will be in an editing format.  Students are given a short paragraph with spelling errors that fit the passage and they will make corrections. 
Social Studies
- Students are completing a poster over the early Texas Native American tribe of their choice.  They have been given specific requirements, but the freedom to display their learning in a product of their choice.  This project is a major grade. 
As usual, please email or call with any questions, concerns, or celebrations!  Let me know when your kiddo has special events. I'd love to attend!
Miss Ragan 

Week of November 13, 2017

Hello fabulous fourth grade families!
I apologize for the lapse in weekly updates.  Here is what you can expect in the coming weeks... :) 
Also, please send me your kiddo's fall sports/activities schedules.  I love, love, love to support all the students inside AND outside the classroom! 
Here is what's coming up: 
  • Establishment of small group instruction coupled with independent reading/conferencing time
  • Within small groups, students will begin exploring dramas.  This unit will last until early December with a Unit Test (major grade) slated for December 13th. 
  • Students have begun to dive into STAAR formatted revising and editing practice.  This skill is completely different that revising and editing their own writing, so they are receiving instruction and practice on this in small group. There is a major test slated for December 7th. 
  • Students are currently working through the writing process for their first expository essay.  Following a mini-lesson, they practice the skill introduced and add it to their own writing.  This first piece will be published at the end of November for a major grade.  Students are simultaneously working on other pieces of writing using prompts of their choice.  
  • Students are focusing a lot of time on becoming experts at identifying, correcting, and writing compound sentences.  Ask them to sing you the FANBOYS song!
  • Students will continue to work on comma rules
  • The week of November 13th the spelling pattern is words containing the suffixes -tion and -sion (examples include lotion, station, vacation, question, division)
  • The week after Thanksgiving words will be contraction words such as you'd, they'll, and they'd. 
As always, please email with any questions, concerns, or celebrations!
In love with kids, 
Miss Ragan 

Week of October 16, 2017

Good afternoon, fabulous fourth grade families!
I hope your weekend was wonderful and you are enjoying this glorious fall weather.  Hopefully it sticks around!
This week in learning...
- Begin the genre study over traditional literature.  The big addition is identification of theme and/or lesson. 
- Reader's workshop routines - students are rotating through different activities during workshop time.  All have chosen a novel around their reading level to complete a plot project over during class.  
- Introduction to expository writing
- Writing claims about people
- Begin the drafting process for an expository essay 
- Grammar focus - linking/helping verbs
Social Studies:
- Introduction to Paleoamericans and Native Americans in early Texas
As always, please feel free to call or email with any questions, concerns, or celebrations!
Miss Ragan 

Week of October 9, 2017

Good morning, fabulous fourth grade families!
Thank you so much to those that came in for a conference already!  We have enjoyed meeting with you!  We look forward to everyone else we get the pleasure of sitting down with!  If you have no signed up for a conference time, but would like to - please send me an email and I can re-send the conference sign up link.  
Another HUGE THANK YOU to those that ordered from Scholastic!! Wow! When you order, you help to build the classroom library.  With just a few people I was able to order THIRTY new books for our classroom library.  I will send home another book order towards the end of November with the goal of being able to let each student choose a new book for the classroom library! :) 
Here's what's happening in learning this week...
- Wrapping up the fiction unit with a unit test on Wednesday over TEKs 4.6A and 4.6B.  This will be the only major reading grade this nine weeks. 
- Continuing to establish workshop routines with the introduction of chapter book read aloud
- Simple sentence and parts of speech review
- Beginning to look at the parts of an expository writing piece
Social Studies
- Social Studies Weekly weeks 1 and 2 vocabulary review and test. Students will be allowed to use their SS Weekly Newspapers
As usual, please feel free to email or call with any questions, concerns, or celebrations!  I also love to support kiddos outside of the classroom, so if your little one participates in any fall sports or activities please send me schedules and I would love to come join your cheering section!
Have a FAB week!
Miss Ragan 

Week of September 25, 2017

Good morning fabulous fourth grade families!
Besides all the great learning for students, Mrs. Wood and I are looking forward to seeing you at Parent Orientation Night this Thursday beginning at 5:30 in my classroom, room 212.  
Also, if we would like to conference with you in October you will be receiving an email this week.  If you do not receive an email but would like to request a conference, please email me and we will be sure to get you scheduled.  :) 
Here's what you can expect this week in...
Students are working on identifying main characters, recognizing change within the characters and their relationships, and identifying causes for those changes. We will have daily read aloud to practice together and by next week students will be working within text alongside a buddy and independently to work on this skill.  
All students are begin assessed to determine their independent reading level. 
Lots and lots and lots of practice with writing and identifying complete sentences!  Students are also continuing to create resources to help them generate ideas in their Writer's Notebook. 
Open Syllables (VV)
When two vowels are together, they first vowel will have a long vowel sound.
If two vowels together don't make a recognizable word when sounded as a double vowel, divide the word between the vowels.
Social Studies
Students are utilizing the Social Studies Weekly periodical to begin learning geographical basics about Texas. 
Please email with any questions, concerns, or celebrations!  
In love with kids, 
Miss Ragan 

Week of September 18, 2017

Happy Monday, fabulous fourth grade families!
After the craziness of the beginning of the year and Harvey messing up the regular routine, I am getting back into the groove of updating this site regularly to keep you in the learning loop about what amaaaaaazing things your kiddo is doing at school. 
Reading: We have been working on plot in fiction text.  This week students are focusing on identifying the resolution in a story and the action steps taken by a character to resolve the problem.  
Students are also continuing to get into the Reader's Workshop groove and practicing proper procedures during this time. 
Individual reading level testing is also taking place and will be complete for all students by early October.  
Writing: Identifying the parts of a complete sentence and composing complete sentences. 
Spelling: Open syllables (V/CV) An open syllable ends with a vowel which has a long sound.  An open syllable may have a single final vowel such as in be or go, or it may be part of a longer word (o-pen).  
Social Studies: Constitution Week (daily grade students will work on each day using Social Studies Weekly publication) 
Please never hesitate to email me with any questions, concerns, or celebrations!  I also love, love, love cheering your kiddos on at their events outside of school - so send me all the schedules!! I fit in everything I can!
In love with kids, 
Miss Ragan