Poetry is a fun way to build fluency.  Students can practice  reading poetry and composing their own original works of art! Poetry

This is a fantastic math and science website, engaging videos and  interactive quizzes. Study Jams

A great site for research.   Pebble Go

This site has a lot of games in many subject areas.  Check it  out, you won't be disappointed! HOODA

This site is phenomenal!  So many challenging math games, and  it's tons of fun too!! Mental Math Games

We use this site a lot!  It has tons of short cartoon episodes  that talk about all sorts of topics in all subject areas.  Brain Pop Jr.

This site is a great database of educational videos ranging in  topics that cover all subject areas.  If your child is struggling  in an area or is interested in something new, check out this site! Neo k-12

This is a great reader's response activity, allowing students to  sketch characters from the story, and is useful in deepening  comprehension. Character Sketch