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Why should my child be a part of the Cougar Cub Choir at Tomball Elementary? 
  • Being a part of the TES Cougar Cub Choir encourages teamwork
  • Preparing for performance teaches dedication, discipline and commitment
  • Your student will learn goal setting skills.
  • Through successful choral singing, students develop self-esteem, confidence and the ability to communicate with each other as well as the audience in a positive manner. 
  • Your student will feel a sense of achievement during the rehearsal process when they finally understand what the director has been asking of them, when the melody, the harmonies and the music come together, and when the performances go well. 
  • Your little singers will learn listening skills, concentration skills and creative thinking skills
  • Singing in the choir gives students a sense of purpose.
  • Your child loves to sing and wants to develop vocal abilities to the fullest potential.
  • Singing helps to develop children's memories
  • Practicing musical patterns and rhythms form neurological pathways for nurturing mathematical and analytical skills.
  • It will inspire cultural awareness and language skills.
  • Being a part of this choir is just plain fun!
Can I join choir?
All third and fourth grade students are welcome to join choir. 
When and where is choir?
We meet every Monday and Wednesday. The first day of choir practice is 
Monday, September 21st.

Please visit the music teachers' websites for more information.