Welcome to Chess!




Chess is an amazing game with numerous benefits such as raising a person’s IQ level, exercising both sides of the brain, improving memory, increasing problem-solving skills, and many other attributes. We have an ever growing club here at TES that provides opportunities for students to play and gain these beneficial skills. Our program has grown so much that we have a district wide tournament every year in which students compete against other students who are at the same level. Over the past several years, this tournament has grown to include not only elementary schools, but intermediate and junior high. 

For logistical reasons, chess club will be open only to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students. Beginners to advanced players are invited to join. 


The expectations for Chess Club are: ·We will play with good sportsmanship, we will use quiet voices, we will help one another to increase our knowledge of chess, we will make mistakes and learn from them,  we will be respectful at all times.  and we will take care of our chess supplies.


Volunteers are welcome. All parent volunteers are required to fill out the Volunteer application on the TiSD website:  Faculty, staff, and parents are welcome to come and observe, learn or teach chess.


Please visit our Chess Club Website subscribe to TES Chess Club to receive updates and lessons.



Linsey Sims and Kathy Poland

Chess Club Coordinators