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About Me

Welcome to Tomball Elementary Math Specialist page. 



Hello. My name is Linsey Tipton. I am the new Math Specialist for Tomball Elementary School. Currently, I am in my fourteenth year in education. Previously, I’ve worked as the Director of Elementary Mathematics, District Instructional Coach, a campus Math Instructional Specialist, Math Title 1 Intervention Teacher and Elementary Teacher. I hold educational certifications for the state of Texas in the areas of Generalist (EC-6) and English as a Second Language. I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction in May of 2005. I completed my Masters of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 2007. I also completed a Masters of Education degree in School Administration in 2011. Currently, I’m completing my Doctorate of Education degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. My experience in the classroom includes; mandatory field placements including one semester of formal student teacher, paraprofessional, long-term substitute teaching, certified classroom teacher, grade level team lead and instructional specialist.


My primary role as math specialist is to assist teachers with unleashing each student’s highest intellectual ability through the gradual release of responsibility. Math instruction aims to ensure that expectations for teaching and learning are clear, consistent, and tightly aligned to the goals of the standards themselves. Mathematics instruction requires focus strongly where the standards focus, coherence across grade levels to link major topics in each grade and rigor with equal intensity of conceptual understanding, procedural skills and applications.


So what is 21st century instruction in an elementary math class?  It is bold.  It breaks the mold.  It is flexible, creative, challenging, and complex.  It addresses a rapidly changing world filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new possibilities. 

We must teach mathematics for understanding. Students must...

  • Discover a variety of ways to compute
  • Communicate about math
  • Use math to communicate
  • Demonstrate a sense of number
  • Develop the ability to solve problems creatively
  • Expand mathematical ways of thinking


To be successful, students need to think mathematically-to approach problems in many ways. This shift can be accomplished if we make a corresponding shift in instruction, teaching students how to develop higher-order thinking skills. We need to move instruction away from direct instruction and individual worksheet practice toward active engagement through minds-on and hands-on investigations; cooperative learning; and partner, small-group, and class discussions.


My purpose in working as Tomball Elementary School Math Specialist is to promote student engagement in meaningful mathematics activities involving differentiated instructional approaches.