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Welcome to Mrs. Guillory's 4th grade Math and Science class! I can't wait to start this school year with your child. I will be updating this page regularly, so please be sure to subscribe!

Recent Posts

Week of 10/10

Good evening,

I'm sorry this is coming to you so late, it has been a busy weekend! Just so you are aware, I will be out Tuesday and Wednesday this week for a training. Also, Friday is early release at 12:50 and Monday is a student holiday.


**Special Requests:

-The students will be creating a circuit and we are in need of shoe boxes, Kleenex boxes or anything that is similar in shape and size. We will need one per student, so if you have more than one, please bring it!

-In math we use dry erase markers on a daily basis. We are running low, so if you are able to donate that would be great. Black markers work best, if possible!


This week in math:

Monday: Addition/Subtraction Test

Tuesday-Friday: We will be starting our unit on multiplication.


This week in Science:

Monday-Friday: We will be studying different types of energy.

**I graded the Science tests, and will be putting them into the HAC within the next few minutes. I am going to give your child a chance to raise their grade by making test corrections. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to send any district tests home, so they will be making corrections throughout the week, and will need to turn it into me by Friday with their corrections. I will give half credit back for each correct answer.


I believe that is all for now! Have a great week!

Week of 10/3

Hi parents,
This is going to be a busy week in Math to prepare the kids for their Addition/subtraction test on Monday, October 10th.
Monday: Addition/Subtraction comparative expressions. For example it would ask them to compare 43.4+43.76  and  65.33+43 using < , > , or = . The most important thing about this concept is making sure they take the time to solve the 2 equations. We will also be working on properties of addition. 
Tuesday: The students will be working on estimating (rounding) addition problems. They will need to figure out which place they are rounding to, and make sure they estimate before they solve.
Wednesday: They will be working on Compensation. This is a hard concept for students, because it takes a lot of mental math. Basically they would get a problem like: 72+45. We are learning about friendly/compatible numbers that are easy to work with. So we would turn 72 into 70 by subtracting 2. That would mean we would need to subtract 2 from 45 also. So now it is 70+43. That is now easier to solve and we can add the 10's and 1's without having to regroup. If you want to practice with your kids, give them an addition or subtraction problem and have them practice making compatible numbers.
Thursday: Input/output tables. This is where they have a chart and they have to figure out what the chart is counting by.
Friday: Review
Homework: Week 7- please make sure students are completing front and back
Monday: Most students did not finish their Science test, so we will be completing that on Monday.
Tuesday-Friday: We will be studying different types of energy.
Important dates:
Friday 7th: Fall Picture day
Monday 10th: Add/Sub Test
Friday 14th: Early release at 12:50
Monday 17th: No school

Week of 9/26

Good evening,
Thank you to everyone that donated items for our mixtures activity. The students really enjoyed it!
This week in Math:
We will be reviewing addition and subtraction, as well as adding in the decimal when adding and subtracting. When adding and subtracting with decimals, the most important thing for the students to remember is to line up the decimal.
I will now be giving a pre-test over the multiplication facts for the week on Monday. I will let the students bring these home Monday evening, so you are able to see which problems they will need to work on. The fact checks (for the grade) will be given on Fridays.
Homework: Homework will start looking like the one the students received last week. It will have 10 (give or take) problems on the front, and multiplication facts on the back to review. These problems will be spiral review as well as concepts we are currently working on. 
This week in Science:
Monday:  We will be finishing up mixtures and solutions.
Tuesday: Density
Wednesday: Students will be given a Unit 1 test review to complete during class. We will then check it together to make sure all students have the correct answers. The students will bring this home to review for the test on Friday.
Thursday: Review for rest
Friday: Unit 1 test
Have a great week!

Week of 9/19

Good evening! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Mine was spent celebrating my youngest 2nd birthday, so needless to say, I'm exhausted!
This week in:
Monday-Rounding whole numbers to the hundred thousands place and
retest over x3 and x6
Tuesday/Wednesday- fractions and decimals on a number line
Thursday: Multiplication x4 and x8 quiz, Review all content from Unit 1 (from beginning of school year till now)
Friday: Unit 1 test 
To help your child prepare for the test, I would review the following things:
-Whole numbers and decimals: standard form, expanded notation, expanded form, and word form. 
-Ordering and comparing whole numbers and decimals
-Fractions and decimals on a number line
**If your child is having problems with these, please check out my anchor chart link to see the strategies we use in class. I will be adding more, as the week goes on.**
-Monday:Finish Slides project and present to class
-Tuesday/Friday: Mixtures and solutions
Extra tidbits:
-I have also added a tab that is called weekly homework. If your child forgets to bring theirs home or loses it, you can get another copy from there. 
-Don't forget to sign up for a parent/teacher conference. Mrs. Busby sent an email out a few weeks ago. If you need the link sent to you again, please let us know.
- We will be doing a lab with mixtures and solutions that involves putting together a trail mix of some sort. If you are able to, please bring in something that can be added into our mix by Tuesday. Examples being: marshmallows, raisins, m&m's.
-I have averaged the Test we took last Monday with the one we took on Friday. I have put the grades online, and when you receive their test, I have written their grade and then it will say "final grade" so you know which one it will be.

Supplies needed for Monday!

Good evening! It was so great meeting all of your kids yesterday! We will be decorating our Math and Science notebooks on Monday and Tuesday next week and we are in need of old magazines. Also, if your child wants to bring a picture of themselves or any other pictures they are welcome to do that as well!

Upcoming events

August 18th-
4:00-5:30 Meet the teacher (Bring supplies if you have them)
5:30-6:30 Snow cone social
August 22nd-
First day of school
September 5th-
Labor Day-no school