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Welcome to Mrs. Crawford's Website! I cant wait to meet you all and get this year started. I know its going to be a year of extraordinary growth and building life long experiences and memmories.  Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my website so that you can get notifications when I post weekly homework updates or important info! 
I look forward to begining this year long journey together! 
Thank you for your support!
Mrs. Crawford

Recent Posts

STAAR Review/Practice

Dear Parents,
Many of you have been requesting a STAAR review or practice for this week before the STAAR test on May 8th & 9th. I have attached a review that you can use with your child at home. If you want to see what the test has looked like in the last 2 years you can go to the TEA website and click on RELEASED STAAR TEST and find the older versions for 3rd grade math and reading; however keep in mind we have completed these with your child in school already.  
As we approach the last 5 days before the STAAR test it is important to do the following:
1) Stress to your child the importance of doing their best, taking their time, and SHOWING THEIR WORK/STRATEGIES. 
2) Don't stress your child out over this test! Even if they fail the STAAR test they can still go to 4th grade! Anxiety will not make them perform better. Just encourage them that they are ready...BECAUSE THEY ALL ARE!
3) Get a good meal and a full nights sleep the night before the test and a big breakfast the morning of, to fuel their brain power!
Dont hesitate to ask me if you have any questions or concerns about the STAAR test. I am so proud of all their hard work and the kids are ready!
Mrs Crawford

Field Day is Friday April 21st from 1:15-3:15

Dear Parents,
Field day is tomorrow from 1:15-3:15. Please make sure your child wears a GREEN SHIRT(Mrs Crawford's students/ MS Smith class wears ORANGE), tennis shoes and sunscreen and brings a change of cloths/towel in case they get wet. Please send them with a water bottle labeled with their name. Dont forget, TIKIZ snow-cone truck will be here and students can purchase snow-cones for $3-5 if they bring money from home. We look forward to a fun afternoon but please reiterate to your child that we WILL BE LEARNING ALL MORNING and we do have a fact quiz we are taking. Students that want to "play" all morning might not get to "play" during Field day. Good choices are KEY tomorrow if they want to have fun at field day! Thank you all for your support!

Mrs Crawford


Dear Parents: We have a test on Thur, April 13th over Geometry, Area, Perimeter, weight and Capacity. Today the students are coming home with a review to help them prepare for the test and to give you a study guide. Please let me know if you have any questions.
AREA= Length x Width
PERIMETER: Add up all the sides
2& 3D shapes: memorize the vocab on the study guide in take home folders
  • Field trip Money and permission slip DUE- THUR APRIL 13th
  • TES Jimmy Johns Spirit Night- Thur April 13th
  • Good Friday Holiday April 14th - NO SCHOOL
  • TES Lemon Day- WEAR YELLOW on Mondays in APRIL
  • AAR Pet supply Drive starts- Monday April 17th- 28th
  • TES Spirit Night - EVERY BELLIES- Tue April 18th
  • 3rd grade Field Trip to TGR Exotics Zoo- April 20th
  • TES Field Day and TIKIZ SHAVED Snowcones- April 21st
Thank You!
Mrs. Crawford

News for the week of April 3rd- 7th

1) Please sign the WED FOLDER CONDUCT SHEET that is in the TAKE HOME FOLDERS tonight.
2) Progress report grades will be posted Friday and sent home next Wed.
3) Spring Fling Festival is Friday, April 7th- 5-8:30pm. Hope to see you all there!
4) The only HOMEWORK your child has is to MEMORIZE their multiplication Facts (x0-10) and read/record in their reading logs. Please make this a nightly priority.
Have a great week!
Mrs Crawford

Take home folders

Dear Parents,
The students now have a "TAKE HOME FOLDER" that they will bring home each day. In the folder are the following items:
  • Reading log for the whole 9 weeks. Please fill out each night
  • Wed Folder conduct sheet. Please sign each Wed night and return on Thur in the folder. (no more Wed folders)
  • The multiplication tables. Please study your multiplication facts (x0-10) each night for 15 min. 
  • Resources, strategies and study guides.
HOMEWORK: there will be no more math/ELA homework pages sent home weekly. The expectation is that students will study their multiplication facts (x0-10) every night for mastery and read each night. We WILL still have fact quizzes each Friday as a major grade. The hope is that by removing other homework pages, you can focus on these important skills to help your child be successful next year.
Please let me know if you have any questions about these new routines and procedures.
Thank you!
Mrs. Crawford

Homework and Events for Feb 27th- March 3rd

Dear Parents! We are starting our Geometry Unit this week. I have attached a file with all of the Vocabulary terms that are essential to success during this unit. Please work with your child on memorizing these terms.
  • Math book page 665-666 (all)
  • Multi Facts for timed quiz on Friday (Major grade)
  • Poem and reading log
Class DOJO:  I still have about half of you that are not using our CLASS DOJO. You are really missing out on pictures of these AMAZING solar system project presentations, Holiday party pictures and activities that we do during the week. Sign up and get a glimpse into your child's day! You can also easily send me a private message about homework or concerns and see what their behavior was like today. Join now by going to www.classdojo/CJPBCBS
As always, Thanks for your support!
Mrs Crawford

Solar Systems Project due Friday Deb 24th

Dear parents,
Please remember that the solar system projects are due tomorrow, Friday Feb 24th. I look forward to seeing the presentations next week! The Menu is attached if you need to refer back to it. I will be grading the projects based on the Rubric below.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Mrs Crawford
Appearance (20 pts)  
followed directions (30 pts)  
Presentation/knowledge (50pts)  


Dear Parents,
On Tues, Feb 14th we are having our class Valentines day party! The kids are so excited to celebrate! Your child has a copy of this letter but in case it was lost i have attached it for you along with the details about the valentines box contest. Please sign up to bring one item from the list or donate $3 towards the food for the party. We will have Ice Cream and all the toppings plus some fruit and snacks and lots of fun! We have 22 students in our class.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs Crawford

Homework and events for Jan 23rd-27th

  • Math book page 379 (all)
  • Multiplication fact x4
  • reading passage using strategies
  • reading log- 15 min a night
  • Prodigy tournament- get online and practice math skills! 
  • Division test Tue, Jan 24th (major grade)

Homework and Events for Jan 17th-20th

  • Math page 349 and 355 (odd #'s)
  • Math Multiplication Facts X3 and X6.Tthey have 5 seconds per fact
  • Poem and signature
  • reading logs
  • Play PRODIGY online to help us win!

Events and Homework for Jan 9th-13th

  • Math book page 247-248 (all)
  • Multiplication Fact x6 for timed quiz on Friday
  • Poetry
  • Reading log
  • Multiplication test- Tue Jan 10th- major grade
  • After school clubs resume this week (chess, cupstacking)
  • Rib Tickler Spirit Night- Thur 
  • Fact Quiz- Friday 
  • Prodigy tournament: until Feb 7th GO TEAM CRAWFORD! 

Prodigy Math skill games

Dear Parents,
Your child is coming home with a Parent Letter explaining the new Math Skill practice game called PRODIGY, that they are VERY excited about! This is a new and creative game that the kids enjoy and is aligned with the Texas State TEKS and what we are learning in class. TISD is having a district wide competition.  Not only are we competing against the other schools but we are also competing against the other 3rd grade classes at TES! The class and school with the most points and questions completed will win a pizza party and a Trophy!  The letter gives you instructions of how to get to the website and the user name and passwords that the student will use to log on. Please keep this log in information somewhere they can find it and encourage them to get onto Prodigy as much as possible. The competition starts SAT, Jan 7th and ends Feb 7th. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you for your support in encouraging your child to have fun and learn through Prodigy. This freezing winter weekend is a great time to practice their Math skills and Multiplication Facts x6 for next weeks fact quiz.  Have a great weekend and stay warm!
Mrs Crawford

Event for week of Dec 12-16th

  • NO HOMEWORK this week!
  • Christmas party on Friday from 10:30-11:30. Please send $5 with your student to help pay for the pizza, drinks, sweets, party favors and crafts.
  • Early Release on Friday at 12:50pm
Enjoy this magical time of year!
Happy Holidays,
Mrs Crawford