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Welcome to 3th grade Math and Science
Mrs. Tornberg
Room 314
Contact Number : 281-357-3280 x3275
Mrs. Tornberg is going on her 11th year of teaching. This will be Mrs. Tornberg's 5th year here at Tomball Elementary. Prior to teaching at TES Mrs. Tornberg was teaching in the Cy-fair district. 

Recent Posts

The Solar System Project

Dear Parents,
Tomorrow your child will be coming home with a Solar System Project Menu. This project and the presentation will count towards a major grade for science for this 9 weeks. Please look over the menu options and help your child choose an appropriate option for them. The project will be completed mostly at home but there will be some limited time in class for research, all "craft" portions of the project will need to be done at home. I have attached the menu, so please feel free to look over it and begin discussing the project with your child.
Please feel free to email any questions you may have.
Thank you,
Mrs. Tornberg  


As you know our weather is crazy here and goes from cold to hot to rainy all in a matter of minutes. Please make sure that you have put your child's name in their jacket because we are gathering a large collection in the lost and found and many kids are missing their jackets. 
Mrs. Tornberg competition

I am so excited to let you know about our new math program that we have started here at Tomball Elementary, Prodigy! is a free webpage that all students have been enrolled in and is researched based to help them master their math facts and skills. In an effort to build these skills in our students Tomball ISD is doing a district wide competition among all the elementary math teachers. I would love if our class was recognized as one of the top performing and participating classrooms in the district. If your child is able to access the internet at home please have them spend a little time each day playing this fun math game (the kids are loving it!). The more they play the more points they earn and the more they build their math skills.
Next week I will send home the official parent letter with each students login information on it (they should have written this down in their weekly planner already). All students passwords to log in are : tornberg (some students may have upper cased the T). 
Thanks and stay warm this weekend,
Mrs. Tornberg 

Christmas Party

The class Christmas party is fast approaching so please remember to send in your $3 for pizza and a bag of candy for decorating ginger bread houses. 
Thank you,
Mrs. Tornberg 

Array 2 by 1 (larger number)

In this video I model how to solve a 2 by 1 multiplication problem with larger numbers.

Array 2 by 1 (small numbers)

In this video I model how to use an array to solve a 1 by 2 multiplication problem.

Array 1 by 1

In this video I model how to dray an array to solve a multiplication problem for a 1 digit by 1 digit problem.

multiplication 2 by 1 using a picture (larger numbers 3 x 45)

In this video I model how students can solve a larger multiplication number using the picture and breaking apart the number.

Multiplication 2 by 1 using a picture (small numbers 4 x 13)

in this video I model how to use the picture to solve a multiplication problem using the picture model and break apart of the number.

Multiplication 1 by 1 using a picture

Dear Parents, We have started our concept of multiplication and we start this unit using a picture model to show the students what multiplication means. Here are a few videos of how we are solving multiplication problems in class. Thanks, Mrs Tornberg

Multiplication Songs!

Dear Parents,
We have just started our new unit over multiplication. We start with the foundation of multiplication as making equal groups, skip counting and repeated addition. To help learn these concepts I have a CD of skip counting songs that is great for helping students learn their facts. If you would like for me to make you a copy of these songs for your child, please send in a blank CD and I will burn you a personal copy. 
Thank you,
Mrs. Tornberg 
You can also find the songs on my web site if you scroll way down into last years post. you can listen to them straight from my web page. 

Thanksgiving Break

I know the excitement of a week off of school has set in for us all but please remember that tomorrow is a regular school day. In hopes to give my students one more day of math review for their subtraction test I have moved the test from today, Thursday to tomorrow, Friday. It is very important that your child is here all day tomorrow so that they can focus and do their best on this test. I would hate for a students to have to go the entire break and then have to take the test when we come back on that next Monday.
Thank you for your understanding and support, 
Mrs. Tornberg 

Subtraction across 100's with picture model.

In this video I model how our students use the picture along with the algorithm to solve subtraction problems across 100's.

Subtracting Using the Picture Model

in this video I model how to subtract using a picture with borrowing. Please use to help your students prepare for their subtraction test.

Subtraction using the expanded form. Regrouping in the tens place value.

In this video you will see how to subtract with decomposing the numbers into their place values where you need to regroup in the tens place when there is a 0. I hope these help, Mrs. Tornberg