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About Mrs. Buonarosa

Mrs. Buonarosa also known as Mrs. B. has been teaching at TES for 10 years as one of the P.E. teachers. She believes that P.E. should be a fun, safe place to learn how to be healthy and exercise. Mrs. B hopes that your student will learn the importance of eating healthy and exercising daily while having fun. If you have any questions or concerns Mrs. B will be happy to help you.

Recent Posts

Tis the season to spread germs and JOY!

Stay well this winter season by dressing appropriately for the weather and using good hygiene. Watch the videos below with your children to teach them about germs, good hygiene and covering your cough/sneeze.  
Have a JOYFUL winter and holiday season!
The Sneeze!
Hand Washing
Cover Your Cough/Sneeze

TES Fun Run!

The TES Fun Run in this Friday, November 3rd during your specials time.  Don't forget to collect your donations to help our school.
Bring your tennis and get ready to RUN!!!

Cup Stacking Club

All 2nd-4th grade Tomball Elementary Cougars, Cup Stacking will be starting soon. Be on the look out for the Cup Stacking form coming home in October!

Back in The Swing!

We have gotten back into the swing of things after our unexpected week long vacation.  In the next couple of weeks we will be working on safely moving in large groups and cooperating with others.
Don't forget to check the schedule for P.E. and remember we have P.E. every Friday!

Welcome Back!

 Welcome back to a brand new school year!  We are so excited to start learning about exercise and nutrition so we can create life long healthy habits!

Welcome Back!

We hope every one had a safe and restful summer.  We look forward to seeing our old friends and meeting all of our new friends.

Field Day

Due to the recent weather we will be rescheduling Field day from April 22nd to the flowing Friday April 29th .  Thank you!

Happy Spring!

Spring is here!  We will be heading outside more now that the weather is warming up. We have two fun and exciting events coming up this month in April.
April 8th is our school Spring Fling. Come out and have a fun night while supporting our school PTO!
April 22nd is Field Day.  Students will participate in several fun activities that day. There are also several volunteer opportunities so parents can be part of the fun too!

Happy New Year!
This is the time of year for setting goals! We all have our New Year's resolutions, but sticking to them can be difficult.
Here are some tips that can help:
1. Set a goal.
2. Choose one goal at at time to work toward.
3. Make a plan.
4. Talk to friends or family for support. You might even find a buddy that has the same goal and you can do it together.
5. Celebrate your successes!
6. Stay positive, if you slip don't worry no one is perfect.
7.Keep Trying, change takes time!
2016 is a new year full of promise and possibilities and you can make it the best year ever!

Happy Holidays

The Holidays are upon us!  We have started many of our winter games that include practicing on throwing and catching, agility,dodging,fleeing, and many other aerobic activities.  We will continue to work on our jogging, especially for our 3rd and 4th graders, who will be testing in the spring.
Please encourage your students to wear their tennis shoes or put them in their back pack so they don't miss out on any of our healthy, fun activities.
Stay safe and active this holiday season!

Fun Run is coming soon, only 3 weeks away!  
We will begin our running unit on pacing to get our students ready for the Fun Run!
FUN RUN Schedule
November 13th
4th Grade 8:45-9:40
2nd Grade 9:50-10:45
1st Grade 10:50-11:45
Kinder 1:30-2:25
 3rd Grade 2:35-3:30
*K-4 will be on the back playground near the track*
Morning 10:45-11:00
Afternoon 2:30-2:45
*Pre-K will be in the Gym*

Great Start!

The first three weeks have been awesome!  Everyone is doing a great job at learning how to work together as one big team.  Way to go TES P.E. students, your P.E. teachers are proud of you!

Welcome Back!

The new school year is here! It is an exciting time and P.E. is ready to hit the ground running!