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About Mrs. Garrett

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This is Mrs. Garrett's 8th year as a Special Education Teacher at Tomball Elementary. This will be Mrs. Garrett's
15th year working for TISD. Mrs. Garrett has taught in Developmental/Functional Living classrooms for
Tomball ISD since 2003. She has taught ESY PPCD, ESY summer school grade K-12, substituted in a variety 
of special education classrooms and was a special education aide for 6 years at Northpointe and Beckendorf 
Intermediate Schools. 

She graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science
in Interdisiplinary Studies. She holds teacher certification for Grades Early Childhood - Grade 12 Special 
Education, Early Childhood - Grade 6 Generalist, and ESL Supplemental. 

She has two children which attend Tomball Junior High and Tomball High School. Vivian is in 11th grade
and Kenshin is in 8th Grade. She enjoys spending time with her family, decorating cakes, cooking and
baking, gardening, and being creative.
She is passionate about teaching students with special needs. She strongly believes that ALL children can learn! 
We just need to find out what works best for each child. She is constantly trying to help students understand 
curriculum, concepts, and the world around them through varied means. She has high expectations for all of the 
students and will provide them with the skills and tools they need to succeed. 
 Partner teacher
Mrs. Ruby Dowling  (Developmental K-2)

Teacher Aides in the Classroom 
Mrs. Bessie Beccera 
Mrs. Glenda Wilcox
Mrs. Dawn Molinari
Mrs. Lauren Landry
Mrs. Elizabeth Carrillo 

Contact information:
You can email me or call me with the information below. If it is important that I receive your phone call/message 
call and ask the receptionist to please put your through to the classroom. Otherwise, it will go directly to my voice 
mail during the hours of 8:00 to 4:00. I will try to return all emails/messages during my conference time or after 
Mrs. Tabitha Garrett
281-357-3280 ext. 3305 



Recent Posts

Agenda for Jan 15

Agenda for the week…    /Agenda para la semana …  Jan 15       4 day week

Life Principle/ Principio de Vida : Humanitarianism

Theme: / Tema:polar animals , snowmen,  and, Health


January 15  Holiday   Martin Luther King Jr Day

January 19 Class Picture Day


Prompt of the Day: What is your favorite polar animal?

                                Write about a snowman?

                                What is your favorite thing about winter?                            

GE Announcements 8:32    



        Middle of year reading assessment: Lectura Exam

         Word Knowledge Assessments  / vocablo examen


        Letter of Week: review: Letter Oo         Word of the Week/palabra de la semana: did

        Vocabulary match/write definitions, sentence completion     ( winter, snow, ice, tourist)   

       guided reading books / libro de lectura  :penguins, polar bear  , snow



1  alphabet      / alfabeto

2  did, lid, kid, rid, bid

3  Slid, grid, said, paid, solid, eyelid

4 sliding, hiking, checking, smelling, wiped,  covered, mixed, offered



The one and only Ivan Texas Reads (January 16th and will wrap up on February 15th)    (Humanitarianism Life principle of the week )

ALL 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders will receive a copy of the book

Snowballs by Lois Ehlert, snow dough to make a snowman

The Snowy Day


Reading/Writing Block

Fit is good article pg

Polar Bears

N2Y Penguins of Madagascar

Ice and Snow festival



Monthly ULS writing assessment/  examen mensual de escritura                

story writing   / escribir cuentos      Polar animal research paper

Revising and Editing Punctuation/Capitalization


Social Studies/Estudios Sociales

2nd/3rd  grade historical events and famous people

         Famous People/Gente Famosa: Martin Luther King Jr  

2nd/3rd grade unit:Timelines and Chronology/ Linea del Tiempo (3rd)

4th grade unit:Explorers/ Exploradores (4th)

Personal info bingo



    Monthly Math Assessments  / examen de matematica mensual

Numbers/Numeros             Number operations/ Operaciones numericas

         Addition, subtraction, multiplication)  /  adición,  sustracción, multiplicación

         Number Identification/ identificar numeros del 0-20, 0-100

         Order / orden de los números    Odd and Even


        shapes and patterns  / formas y patrones

        Geometry snowflake and penguins


       Money/dinero  Snowman Store 


       create bar graphs and pictographs/ crear graficas de barras, y hacer pictograffias

      Graphing: have you ever built a snowman,      Make and graph winter clothes


2:30 Snack (please remember to bring daily snack.)

        Cooking on Friday : Smoothies  

             Orange and Strawberry Smoothies


Science/ Ciencia

Winter season and animals that live in cold places

Erosion/ Erosion and desgaste  (4th)

Soil / tiera (3rd)

Health: My body and senses

Agenda for week of Jan 10, 2018

Agenda for the week/Agenda para la semana …  Jan 8        3 day week

Life Principle/ Principio de Vida : Flexibility

Theme: New year 2018!, Resolutions and goal setting

/ Tema: Feliz año nuevo


January  10 School Resumes

Homework- bring in pictures or objects that represent   Due Tuesday Jan 16



        Middle of year reading assessment: Lectura Exam

         Word Knowledge Assessments  / vocablo examen

         guided reading books / libro de lectura  :New Year

          Vocabulary match/write definitions, sentence completion

          Letter of Week  INB pages in white folder   Review week (alphabet activities)

          Word of the Week  complete the word worksheet (New)

Spelling/ortografia           Review

1  alphabet      / alfabeto

  1. he, we, be, me, she, the

3 want, when, went, where, what, whatever, whenever,



Bears New year Party

Squirrels New Year resolutions

Shanta Keys and the New year’s Peas


Reading /Writing Block

Feeling Fireworks      

N2Y New Years Eve unit

N2Y Fitness Challenge  Unit



              Monthly ULS writing assessment/  examen mensual de escritura

              story writing   / escribir cuentos    : Life principle commitment - goals/resoulution write

                   My resolution for the new year is...                    My goal is to ….


 Social Studies/Estudios Sociales 

Personal info

2nd grade celebration in our community  (New years)

3rd grade Timelines and Chronology/ Linea del Tiempo (3rd)

4th grade Explorers Exploradores (4th)



       Monthly Math Assessments  / examen de matematica mensual

  Number operations/ Operaciones numericas

  Number Identification/ identificar numeros del 0-20, 0-100

            Compare and Order numbers/ orden de los números   

           (addition, subtraction, multiplication)  /  adición,  sustracción, multiplicación

   Geometry/Geometria :  shapes and patterns  / formas y patrones

Firecracker Geometry using triangles

   Measurement:        Time

         Telling time   

         Days of the week, months of the year 

         January calendar    

     capacity/volume measuring

           N2Y Remembering 2017     


Science/ Ciencia  

              Earth Processes (Volcanoes, earthquakes, land slides, glaciers, etc)

               Erosion/ Erosion and desgaste  (4th)

                Experiment       fireworks

Party events:
Thursday Dec. 21st 
    Gingerbread Boy play at 1:30 
            presented by Mrs. Garrett and Mrs. Dowling's classes
    Mrs. Garrett's Holiday party 2:00
Friday Dec 22nd
    3rd grade party 10:30
    4th grade party 11:30
    Early Release 12:40
We are going Bowling tomorrow!!!!
Please send a sack lunch for you child tomorrow.
We will leave at 9:00 and will return around 1:00.
¡Vamos a Bowling mañana!
Por favor envíe un almuerzo para su hijo.
Saldremos a las 9:00 y regresaremos alrededor de la 1:00.

Hurricane Harvey

I pray that everyone is safe and dry. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask.