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We LOVE Volunteers!

Do you want to volunteer at TES? Do you want to be a WatchDOG dad? Complete a Volunteer Application at:
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Rewards of Reading!

Encouraging children to read at home is one of the most powerful ways that parents can support students' learning. Just 15 minutes of reading at home per day can make a difference in students' reading fluency. Please click on the title above for more information.
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Great Expectations

Tomball Elementary will be enjoying a new endeavor next year to help our students reach high levels of success as we incorporate the Great Expectations Model. The motto for Great Expectations embodies “Transforming Lives Through Education” which makes for a perfect fit at Tomball Elementary. In July, our teachers will be engaged in the six basic tenets of the program: High Expectations, Teacher Attitude and Responsibility, All Children Can Learn, Building Self-Esteem, Climate of Mutual Respect, and Teacher’s Knowledge and Skill. As they complete their four day summer training, the teachers will learn the 17 Teaching Practices to increase student success at Tomball Elementary, as well as how to incorporate the 8 Expectations for Living. As our students walk back on campus in the fall they will experience Tomball Elementary in a slightly different manner. The biggest change for our students will be the morning assemblies where we will come together as a school community to start our day off in a positive, transformational way. We are excited about our new endeavor with Great Expectations, and look forward to sharing more as we approach the 2016-2017 school year.
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Attendance is Important

Consistent attendance is one of the keys to academic success. Parents can help their children succeed by ensuring their attendance, except when illness or extreme family emergencies occur. When absence and tardiness are necessary, a written note of explanation from the parent is required.
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Our TES School Song

I go to T!
I go to TO!
I go to T-O-M-B-A-L-L!
And I will R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
And I will L-E-A-R-N!
I’ll be a COUGAR, COUGAR, COUGAR in my H-E-A-R-T!

The song repeats 2 times and will get faster each time! ♥
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